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When it comes to the success of your products, you are in good hands with LTI-Metalltechnik. This is because we realise your ideas and meet your bespoke requirements quickly and precisely – in the form of high-quality yet cost-effective sheet-metal parts, assemblies or complete systems. Perfectly adapted to your products.

Top performance in all areas

Our expertise is not restricted to all important sheet-metal working processes, such as punching, lasering, deep drawing, pressing, CNC forming/rounding, flange rolling, bending, edging, deburring, welding (MAG, MIG, TIG) and laser welding, but also covers the fields of design, prototypes and tool construction, machining manufacturing, assembly, powder coating, quality management and logistics.


Take a look at our list of machines and see our service capability for yourself.

List of machines

Blech plus design

Our designers develop manufacturing and cost-optimised products on state-of-the-art CAD systems in close cooperation with our customers. We would also be delighted to take on the entire design process on your behalf.


Blech plus CNC sheet metal technology

Due to our high degree of automation in terms of punching, laser cutting, bending and deburring/levelling, we can produce sheet-metal parts of diverse variety and thicknesses of 0.5–25 mm in any batch size you require. We look forward to your request.


Blech plus forming

We boast a high degree of proficiency in the processes deep drawing, pressing, forming/rounding and flange rolling. Take advantage of our technological progress and our market leadership in forming.


Blech plus welding

Different materials and tasks require different welding techniques. Whether it is MAG/MIG/TIG, plasma or laser welding, whether manual welding or robot welding, we are your experts. Challenge us.


Blech plus machining manufacturing

From the production of delicate precision tools to machining meter-long parts weighing up to ten tonnes, our production facility is best equipped and fully air-conditioned for achieving the best possible precision. Send us your request.


Blech plus assembly

We are happy to supply complex system solutions instead of simple sheet-metal parts. We assemble integration-ready systems, including electronic or electromechanical components upon request, also with final inspection and logistics.


Blech plus surface treatment

We set the standards in surface treatment and in screen printing with our state-of-the-art coating centre. Electrochemical coating processes like anodisation and electroplating are standard practices for us.


Blech plus logistics

Variable piece quantities, tight deadlines, set deliveries, special packaging, just-in-time deliveries and other special requirements – we rise to any challenge. We would be delighted to devise an appropriate, cost-optimised logistics concept with you.


Blech plus quality

Our high quality standards are demonstrated by the numerous awards from our customers for being a successful supplier. You will be able to sense what quality means to us in everyday cooperation from our very first discussion.


Blech plus Project Management

For each project, we support you from the start to the end with a solid project manager and project team. Through our transparent workflow and our consistent data management we always keep the overview for you.