Blech plus machining manufacturing

Highest precision
up to a piece weight
of 10,000 kg

Machining manufacturing

At LTI-Metalltechnik, it is not just sheet-metal and welding technology that is state-of-the-art, but also machining. With a component geometry of X = 6,000 / Y = 3,500 / Z = 2,000 mm and a piece weight of 10,000 kg, important benchmark values for machining are offered, which customers will not come across very often, if at all.

For many customers, the cast iron material is substituted with flexible sheet-metal structures. In this area, LTI demonstrates its strength in sheet-metal and welding technology with subsequent machining. A central element is the fully air-conditioned production hall with centrally positioned measuring technology – a guarantor of high process capability and integrated series measurement. All tools and devices for sheet-metal and welding technology are also realised at LTI in this field through mere machining.
This is precisely where the strengths of LTI, and thus also the benefit for LTI customers, lie – precise adjustment between sheet-metal working, forming, welding and tool, device and machining technology. A combination which pays off – regardless of whether a single piece, medium-size batch or large-scale series production is concerned.

In all cases, our production is best equipped and responds quickly to your requests.