Blech plus welding

We are masters of
all methods

Welding technology

The right welding method for every application – that is the advantage of LTI. The choice is yours.

Laser welding

Laser welding stands for high welding speed and the best weld seam quality. Whether CO2 or solid-state laser: each method has its own advantages. The weld seam is narrow and deep or wide for decorative weld joints. Here the application of low heat reduces warpage to a minimum.

Robot/longitudinal seam welding

Two guarantors for best weld quality through automated workflows: weld robots and longitudinal seam welding systems on the premises at LTI. In this regard, proven welding methods such as MIG, MAG, TIG and plasma form part of our everyday routines.

Stud/spot welding

Point-by-point precision – this is guaranteed by stud and spot welding 'made by LTI'. This is how we guarantee the greatest possible strength and enable perfect-fitting assembly.

Manual welding

Our welders relish the challenge posed by most difficult tasks they are given – and they are dealt with reliably. The high quality of welding technology at LTI is based on a combination of permanent training and development, as well as many years of experience. Whether simple welding applications or highly complex welding assemblies – Our strict quality demands apply in every instance.