Blech plus precision



The component measures 2,300 mm x 1,000 mm x 1,500 mm with a weight of approx. 1,300 kg. It is the base frame of a production plant for highly sensitive electronic devices.


  1. We rely on highly efficient robot welding to process the 460 welds reliably.

  2. Our customer demands highest precision and allows only minimal tolerances. The comparison of the component to a 3D model takes place via optical measuring technology.

  3. The machining is done after the surface treatment.

If your product also demands the highest precision, we are the right partner for you. Please get in touch with us. 

Blech plus welding

Different materials and tasks require different welding techniques. Whether it is MAG/MIG/TIG, plasma or laser welding, whether manual welding or robot welding, we are your experts. Challenge us.


Blech plus machining manufacturing

From the production of delicate precision tools to machining meter-long parts weighing up to ten tonnes, our production facility is best equipped and fully air-conditioned for achieving the best possible precision. Send us your request.


Blech plus quality

Our high quality standards are demonstrated by the numerous awards from our customers for being a successful supplier. You will be able to sense what quality means to us in everyday cooperation from our very first discussion.