Blech plus welding

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Fan housing for agricultural machinery

To facilitate quick, precise and efficient robot welding, we had to make design adjustments to the individual parts and use special equipment. Complex manufacturing technology allows us to adhere to the tolerances required. The design was conceived to be highly stable, so as to withstand tough usage conditions.

  1. Stable housing for holding a fan for cooling agricultural and construction machinery.

  2. We achieve a high level of production depth by using laser cutting, rounding, plasma arc welding, pressing, edging, robot welding, milling and coating.

  3. The tolerances may only be very low in order to achieve a high degree of efficiency of the cooling system.

If you also have products requiring a high degree of production depth, get in touch with us. 

Blech plus design

Our designers develop manufacturing and cost-optimised products on state-of-the-art CAD systems in close cooperation with our customers. We would also be delighted to take on the entire design process on your behalf.


Blech plus welding

Different materials and tasks require different welding techniques. Whether it is MAG/MIG/TIG, plasma or laser welding, whether manual welding or robot welding, we are your experts. Challenge us.


Blech plus machining manufacturing

From the production of delicate precision tools to machining meter-long parts weighing up to ten tonnes, our production facility is best equipped and fully air-conditioned for achieving the best possible precision. Send us your request.