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This is a product developed in-house by LTI in which the entire design, manufacture and assembly of a housing cover with a stipulated target price, including the supporting sub-structure and the internal lining, was conceived in accordance with the design draft of the customer as well as the jointly devised requirements specification.

  1. Noteworthy is the high degree of component diversity with a deep-drawn plastic cover, operating door made from acrylic glass, illuminated handle bar and various electronic items.

  2. Through the well-conceived support system, base frame and the selection of optimum connection technology, the device is highly assembly-friendly.

  3. The front operating door with safety switch shuts very well and boasts fantastic ease of access, since approximately 200 operations are performed every day.

  4. The maintenance-friendly rear doors and removable cover parts are ideal for quick and secure final assembly at the customer's.

  5. A vibration damper and thermal decoupling mechanism are located between the operating and measuring unit for the highest levels of precision.

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Blech plus design

Our designers develop manufacturing and cost-optimised products on state-of-the-art CAD systems in close cooperation with our customers. We would also be delighted to take on the entire design process on your behalf.


Blech plus welding

Different materials and tasks require different welding techniques. Whether it is MAG/MIG/TIG, plasma or laser welding, whether manual welding or robot welding, we are your experts. Challenge us.


Blech plus surface treatment

We set the standards in surface treatment and in screen printing with our state-of-the-art coating centre. Electrochemical coating processes like anodisation and electroplating are standard practices for us.