Blech plus design

Machine casing with
Coffee to go
included upon request

The hot drink vending machine

By redesigning a welded assembly into a riveted assembly with 250 rivets, we were able to shorten the total manufacturing time and save costs for our customer. Since the hot drink vending machine is often directly subjected to weather conditions, we use electrolytically pre-galvanised material to increase corrosion protection. All models of the various powder versions meet the strict food safety specifications. 

  1. The floor construction was designed by us for improved manufacture and assembly.

  2. Due to the double-walled sheet-metal design, the housing is very robust and stable and even withstands mechanical stresses.

  3. Due to the perforations which permit various electronic and water connection options, the hot water vending machine can also be deployed internationally.

We would be delighted to test your product for any savings potential in terms of manufacture and assembly. Get in touch with us. 

Blech plus design

Our designers develop manufacturing and cost-optimised products on state-of-the-art CAD systems in close cooperation with our customers. We would also be delighted to take on the entire design process on your behalf.


Blech plus assembly

We are happy to supply complex system solutions instead of simple sheet-metal parts. We assemble integration-ready systems, including electronic or electromechanical components upon request, also with final inspection and logistics.


Blech plus logistics

Variable piece quantities, tight deadlines, set deliveries, special packaging, just-in-time deliveries and other special requirements – we rise to any challenge. We would be delighted to devise an appropriate, cost-optimised logistics concept with you.