Blech plus electronics

How high is
cloud nine?


In addition to joint development work with the customer and our know-how in manufacturing and assembly, this product also includes a logistics solution specially coordinated with the customer with multiple-use packaging.

  1. We supply the ceilometer as a complete assembly with the assembling of electrical components. Thanks to the high proportion of pre-assembly work at LTI, the customer gets to save a considerable amount of time.

  2. Due to their use at airports all around the world and the aggressive environmental conditions that may prevail there – such as sun, frost, humidity and gaseous waste – the requirements on the paintwork with regard to corrosion and UV-resistance are very high.

  3. The housing has a double-wall design and extra insulation to compensate for temperature differences and to protect the electronics.

  4. The customer's stringent design specifications were met to the highest levels of satisfaction.

  5. Assembling additional reinforcement profiles using a special adhesive technology.

If you are also considering outsourcing the production of assemblies or parts of them, get in touch with us. 

Blech plus design

Our designers develop manufacturing and cost-optimised products on state-of-the-art CAD systems in close cooperation with our customers. We would also be delighted to take on the entire design process on your behalf.


Blech plus assembly

We are happy to supply complex system solutions instead of simple sheet-metal parts. We assemble integration-ready systems, including electronic or electromechanical components upon request, also with final inspection and logistics.


Blech plus logistics

Variable piece quantities, tight deadlines, set deliveries, special packaging, just-in-time deliveries and other special requirements – we rise to any challenge. We would be delighted to devise an appropriate, cost-optimised logistics concept with you.