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Bonding of metal - an alternative to welding, screwing or riveting

LTI-Metalltechnik has successfully completed the certification according to DIN 6701 (bonding of rail vehicles and vehicle parts)

The avoidance of welding distortions, complex grinding work and the saving of weight are the advantages of bonding metals.

For these reasons, modern designing and production of assemblies made of metal is often given preference to bonding instead of the classical joining techniques such as screwing, welding or riveting. The variety of adhesives also allows connections between many common materials such as metal, glass or plastic.

Specific quality requirements are essential for the production of components for rail vehicles. These are regulated in DIN 6701 (bonding of rail vehicles and vehicle parts).

Now, LTI-Metalltechnik is also certified according to DIN 6701, class A3 (process planning and production).

As the requirements of the rail vehicle industry are generally very high, our customers from other industries, such as mechanical engineering sector or the aerospace industry, also benefits from our knowledge of bonding metals.

You can find our certificate in our Download centre.