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Gentlemen, please start your engines

LTI-Youngsters manufactured parts for the racing car of the Duale Hochschule Stuttgart

Picture source: DHBW Stuttgart

Roaring engines, enormous speed and high-end technologies are known for the Formula 1.
Some softer tones, but the same dedication and technical know-how can be found in the Formula Student - an international design competition for students.

The task of a Formula Student racing team is to design and manufacture an electrically powered racing car in less than 12 months and to take part in competitions worldwide. For years, a racing team of the Duale Hochschule Stuttgart has been involved. And they were also very successful!

To finish the race car of this year's season, the team of DHBW Stuttgart lacked even smaller milled parts. The so-called brackets are serving to fix the suspension to the monocoque of the race car.

However, the LTI-Youngsters were able to help with this problem...
The parts were programmed and manufactured in our factory for machining technology. At the end, they were measured and sent to the racing team of DHBW Stuttgart.

We wish the racing team of DHBW Stuttgart every success in this season of Formula Student!