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LTI-Youngsters were 180 meters below the ground

The LTI trainees visited the company Stadtmüller and the salt mine in Bad Friedrichshall for their annual excursion

At the end of June, the annual trainee excursion of the LTI-Youngsters took place. The first destination of the trip was the company Stadtmüller in Osterburken.

The company Stadtmüller is a medium-sized company which is specialized in the production of fan grilles. During a factory tour, the LTI trainees and trainers got an insight into the production of the grilles and especially in the areas of bending, pressing, laser welding, tool making and surface coating.

After lunch, they went on to Bad Friedrichshall in the afternoon. It was planned to visit the salt mine in Bad Friedrichshall.
About 180 meters underground, the LTI-Youngsters were able to learn about the history of salt and salt formation. Also impressive was the exhibition "Memorial KZ-Kochendorf", which reminds of the days of the "Third Reich" and which is also been found in the salt mine.