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LTI-Youngsters designed and manufactured a battery housing for a Formula Student racing team

Reference: HHN eRacing

The Formula Student Electric is a competition among students in which a fully electric powered formula car is designed, constructed and built. After its completion, the individual teams meet at global competitions to present their racing cars to a panel of experts and compete against each other in various disciplines.

The HHN eRacing-Team of the Reinhold Würth University in Künzelsau was looking for a supplier for the battery housing of the formula car - and found what they were looking for at the LTI-Youngsters.

With help of the existing coarse construction, the LTI-Youngsters created production drawings and machine programs. Afterwards, in our training center the individual parts were lasered and bended and the subassemblies were welded. At the end, all individual parts were assembled and the final housing was powder coated.

Here you can find more information about the HHN eRacing-Team.

For this years season, we wish the HHN eRacing-Team all the best and a lot of power.