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50 years of Blech Plus Passion

LTI-Metalltechnik looks back on 50 years of company history

In 1971 Ray Tomlinson sent the world's first e-mail in the USA. A product of chance that was seen as a gimmick with no prediciton for the future. Today, we know that this first e-mail initiated a revolution in communication - worldwide. By the way, the symbol of this change, the @-sign, was also used for the first time by Tomlinson in 1971.

In the same year, Klaus Isaak founded the company LTI-Metalltechnik in Schöntal-Berlichingen in the lovely valley called Jagsttal. Like the e-mail inventor, Klaus Isaak could not have foreseen at this point in time which changes the next 50 years would bring.

The initial six employees have grown into a workforce of over 800 in five decades!
The company grew to five locations and is today a real all-rounder in sheet metal and wire processing as well as machining manufacturing.

At the beginning mainly customers of the air conditioning and ventilation technology were supplied. Over time, the customer base changed and with it the range of services from LTI. These have been continuously expanded and adapted to customer needs and technical developments. This is also how e-mails found their way to LTI in the mid-1990s. Both events, which had their beginning on different continents in 1971, came together.

Despite all changes, one thing has remained even after 50 years: the passion for sheet metal, the interest in technology, engagement and hard work, as well as the urge to question what has been achieved every day. With foresight and the typical Swabian characteristics of “inventoring” and “working”, Klaus Isaak and the employees have made LTI-Metalltechnik what it is today: a solid, family-run and future-oriented company.

We look back on the past 50 years with pride and gratitude. At the same time, despite the current global uncertainties, we are optimistic and well prepared for the challenges of the future.